10 cosas que no sabias de tu perro

10 things you didn't know about your dog

The dog world is too complex, just as a curious fact there is no other animal species that has as many breeds as dogs. That's why we give you 10 facts that will make you look like an expert on dogs.

  1. Statistics say that small breed dogs live longer than small breeds
  2. At 6 months old, dogs already have all their permanent teeth.
  3. Although it is not usual, a dog can give birth to more than 13 puppies.
  4. Dogs reach maturity a year and a half after birth.
  5. If they are trained, they can even smell cancer cells or diabetes
  6. The nose is its human equivalent of fingerprints; your unique identification mark
  7. There is a breed of dog that cannot bark, it is the Basenji
  8. Dogs like love and it makes them feel better and healthier.
  9. Its scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris , but you can call it mutt, dog, dog.
  10. It is the perfect animal to be part of the family.

Knowing about dogs is extremely interesting, there is a lot of information about it. But the most important thing about this is point 10, dogs deserve love, take care of them.

Happy puppy 10 things you didn't know about your dog

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