Hygge Doggie is a Mexican brand that was born through a combination of love for our puppies and the hygge concept. This concept is said to make homes warmer and people happier.

At Hygge Doggie we seek that concept, to fill our puppies with moments of happiness. We are more than a place to provide style, we want to be a safe space full of benefits for our colleagues.

Our mission is to connect all of our community members and offer everything that can provide some value, both for owners and pets. That is why our products are made 100% by hand, of the most innovative styles and the best quality materials.

We seek to be a space where we can all support each other as a community, provide support in times when one of the puppies is lost or help those in adoption situation find a home. A percentage of our sales go to this cause, offering pet humans support in difficult times and giving each puppy the well-being they deserve.

All this and more is what we are Hygge Doggie, a set of elements that will be the special touch to live cozy moments with our puppies, live #hyggedoggie moments